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Transcription Factors and Regulatory Networks

We intend to implement the ChIP-Seq technology in sugarcane, to identify TF targets and gene promoters.

The results will have multiple direct consequences on breeding programs that frequently select for CREs and TF changes in search for genotypes better adapted to the environment and with increased agronomical performance.

We also participate in the development of the GRASSIUS database to establish sugarcane, rice, maize and sorghum regulatory networks.


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Dr. Glaucia Souza conducts research in biotechnology and sugarcane genomics and coordinates the State of São Paulo Research Foundation Bioenergy Program. BIOEN aims at articulating public and private R&D, in academic and industrial laboratories, to advance and apply knowledge in fields related to bioenergy. Research ranges from biomass production and processing to biofuel technologies, biorefineries and sustainability. Dr. Souza is the Chairperson of the SCOPE Bioenergy & Sustainability project, a global assessment of current status and latest developments on bioenergy production and use to produce policy recommendations for the sustainable expansion of bioenergy in the world. The project involves contributions from 137 experts from 24 countries.


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