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The Sugarcane Transcriptome

We study signaling and regulatory networks in sugarcane and develop tools for a systems biology approach in this grass. As a starting point we intend to characterize three agronomical traits of interest: drought, brix and lignin content.

We are doing an integrated analysis of the sugarcane transcriptome and physiological changes associated to sucrose content, stress responses and fiber quality and content. We would like to be able to alter carbon partition in this crop to generate an energy grass. As a starting point sugarcane metabolic pathways are being mapped in conjunction with the transcriptome data.

We are focusing on the study of gene categories with a well known regulatory role (Transcription Factors, Protein Kinases and Phosphatases), producing transgenics and developing a database and computacional tools to integrate the several levels of information.


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Dr. Glaucia Souza holds a degree from the Biosciences Institute of University of São Paulo  (1988), PhD in Biochemistry at the Institute of Chemistry  (1993), post-doctorate in molecular genetics at La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation  (1994) and post-doctorate in molecular genetics at Baylor College of Medicine  (1996).

Post-doctoral position for two years at University of São Paulo, Brazil